Wife Swapping in Baltimore Explained

Wife swapping in Baltimore and everywhere really used to have a stigma. Times have changed since then and is now more out in the open. The practice used to be done more behind closed doors and kept a secret. Mainstream jokes used to be along the lines of, “take my wife…I wish someone would”. It was not accepted in the main and it was hard to know who was in the club or not. However, there was a sub-culture, wife swapping has existed for eons. Back then it was done with as a social, yet highly secretive mini-society of upper-middle-class neighbors. Essentially it was a way to get to know who was with you in terms of open-mindedness. In this way it is much like a secret club signal.

Wife swapping was also used as a foot in the door for landing good jobs and getting promotions. That was only for those who were willing to extend their personal boundaries. If you were invited to a local party it meant they were testing you out on how open you were to ‘sharing’.

These days wife swapping in Baltimore falls under many other titles and sub-cultures such as swinging, even though there is a difference between them. Wife swapping is carried out on a sort of agreed upon mutual basis, whereby two married couples will have a private meeting in order to agree to exchange partners for the evening. However, there are other ways to do wife swapping in Baltimore, which might include parties at a private sex club or premises, where couples simply mingle, choose temporary partners and engage in some sexy fun.

Wife Swapping in Baltimore: Rules of Engagement

  • Be clean and look sharp when you go to a party or wife swap session
  • Remember that yes is yes and no definitely means no
  • Don’t approach someone’s wife or husband without first engaging both spouses
  • Always ask permission from the spouse before engaging in any relations with their significant other
  • Be polite and ensure that you understand and follow the rules
  • Show up with your own partner and leave with them at your side
  • Pay attention to your own spouse during the evening
  • Only ‘go’ with people you want to engage with. Joining is not compulsory
  • Leave the home or establishment as you find it and tidy up after yourself
  • Be sure to bring and wear appropriate protection

Wife swapping is a fun way to keep sexual passion at its peak.There is a special etiquette involved in this type of sexual social engagement, in much the same way as with other adult communities. When it comes to wife swapping in Baltimore, Maryland you are expected to conduct yourself and behave in an almost chivalrous fashion. Wife swapping couples expect to be treated with the same politeness, dignity, and respect they show you.

New to Wife Swapping in Baltimore

If you are thinking about swapping as a couple and it is something you both want to try you can join clubs or find local swingers in your area at SwapFinder. On SwapFinder you can search for singles, couples or groups who want to have a threesome. Also you can find people who are have swing parties in the Baltimore area.

The thing that is most important to your mutual enjoyment of wife swapping is that both mates are equally as on board and enthusiastic about it. If only one of you is more interested than the other it could cause problems. Everyone must be equally willing to participate, so make sure you discuss the implications at length before you directly engage in any swap or threesome.

Swingers and Roundabouts

The rules of etiquette are guidelines and are the best way to understand how the wife swapping lifestyle works. There are some very chivalrous codes of conduct. The manners that people have to exhibit in wife-swapping makes everyday life seem somewhat rude. You wouldn’t ever pick someone up in a bar by saying ‘Let’s go, get your coat honey, you are getting lucky tonight’ and winking at them. They are much more likely to go home with you if you are less forward and respectful. Many people are under the impression that swapping spouses is thoughtless, but those who do it are not looking to be unfaithful with permission. They are looking to spice up their relationship. Sometimes, just being with their spouse is not enough and they want to experience new sides of sex play and, if both spouses consent, there is nothing wrong with it as far as they are concerned.

You’ll find that it is by and large men who suggest wife swapping, which is not all that surprising. Some men also prefer another woman in the bed with them, too. With wife swapping in Baltimore, you may find that some men want to select the partner that will join in on the action. They have the option to choose the new bedmate they want. Some couples prefer that, while others are into other things.

So, bearing all of this in mind, remember the rules of etiquette for wife swapping in Baltimore, Maryland and, remember to be polite and thoughtful to your own spouse. Then you can enjoy safe sex encounters with whomever you may at any swinger’s party.

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