Swinging 101: Swingers Lifestyle

To begin swinging, you have to first allow yourself to trust beyond doubt and love your partner completely. While it is a fun and exciting way of life, we also understand that there may be some conflict on lover’s row. It’s a fine line to be walked and absolutely requires trust and love to be successful.

You can take a few steps to avoid this. First, start off by keeping everything out in the open and leaving a line of communication open at all times. After all, you’re asking your partner for a serious change of pace here! Remember that you are going into this with an open mind and open heart. You have to treat your partner with respect and sensitivity. It’s a rough transition but it’s something that many people really love after they’ve gotten to know the basics.

Become knowledgeable about the scene before you jump in. Take baby steps and do your research! Always remember that the most important people in this are you and your partner. Swinging is not cheating. You CAN be swingers and cheat. If you sleep with someone without your partner’s knowledge or consent, that is cheating and an outright breach of trust. This affects the sanctity of your relationship with not only your partner but with the members of the swinging scene. We take this seriously and encourage open lines of communication for everyone. Emotional health is the same as physical health, so let’s help keep each other healthy.

Swinging 101: Convincing your Partner

When attempting to convince your partner that this is the right choice for your lives, I will reiterate that you MUST take their feelings into consideration. Your loyalty lies with your partner and if they are not ready to take this leap, accept no as an answer and try again at a later time. No is not always definite, however, it’s a shocking request to some people and they may have some insecurities to battle with before they feel like they are ready to take on a lifestyle like this.

If and when they agree because this MUST be a mutual affair, assure them often that you are a team and they are the guests in your bedroom. Your love comes first and any relationships formed outside of your relationship must remain outside.

Start Small to Explore the Swingers Lifestyle

Swinging 101 - Enjoy the swingers lifestyle with these helpful tips.Start with small steps toward your goal. If your goal is to become part of an orgy, you probably don’t want to just go jump in bed with other couples. Find a man or woman who meets both of your standards and brings them into the mix. Spice it up and be sure to make your partner feel included.

This is such a fun and exciting event that it can be easy to get carried away with passion, be sure you’re spending enough time with both people, don’t want to make anyone feel left out! Human emotions are a real thing, so you should try to be considerate of all feelings involved.

Once you get past the initial threesome and get used to seeing your partner with another person, you can start really diving into the fun stuff! From three and foursomes to role play and even group sex sessions, things really start to take a turn and spice your life up from here. Good luck swinging couples! We hope to see you out and about on the town getting your swap on!

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Swinging 101: Feel Like You’re Ready?

So your partner has agreed to this lifestyle and you’ve talked in-depth about how to handle it. You’ve done your research and have decided which club you would like to join. At this point, all you need is passion, love, and acceptance. Congratulations, this is a wonderful step in an all-encompassing direction.

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